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Who We Are

ReGen is an organization that focuses on helping youths find and live their purpose.  Derived from the word Regenerated, meaning to restore to a better, higher and more worthy state. It refers to the process of transforming youths into who they have been destined to be. Every human being had the ability to restore themselves regardless of the amount of damage that has occurred.

We are here to equip young minds with what it takes to work in their own path and be the best of themselves. We employ different strategies to reach the desired goal; this ranges from counselling to trainings, mentorship, outreach programs and practical life coaching initiatives.

Life doesn’t prepare us adequately for all we want to be. Formal education is great but there are a lot of learnings that occur outside of that environment. That is why ReGen is a School of Life where we teach people those things that are¬†fundamental, yet mostly ignored.

At the core of every being lies the desire to be great. The reality however, are challenges and many reasons we cannot achieve set goals. This is why it is important to take a full on approach at dealing with life.¬† Let’s walk through your journey with you!

  • Identifying who you are and your gifts.
  • Getting the right motivation to live the path.
  • Preparing adequately for the desired outcome.
  • Having the passion to thrive even in the midst of challenges.
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