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[thim-heading title=”Coaching” line=””]

ReGen exists to educate, equip, encourage and empower youths for the real world. We coach young people because we see the greatness in them, and we are passionate about bringing this to the surface.

Everyone has gifts which should be properly harnessed for the good of themselves and humanity. Our role in this is to help young people identify their gifts and be able to live well rounded and fulfilled lives.

Everything you will ever be has been ordained by God. To be truly happy and successful, you need God to reveal this to you. Life in itself is a journey of self-discovery!

[thim-heading title=”Counseling” line=””]

We work with young people to help them feel good about themselves and the world they live in. Our focus is to help youths heal from emotional trauma caused by life experiences or relationships. We engage them to identify the problems and bring them to emotional and psychological wellness.

The experiences of life can sometimes be overwhelming and make it impossible for us to see the good things around us. Keeping a positive attitude is key to a healthy mind and life. Let us work with you in this journey. We bring our experiences and learnings to the fore to bring out the best in you.

[thim-heading title=”Training” line=””]

We organize various youth-focused trainings and workshops.

[thim-heading title=”Outreach” line=””]

We organize various programmes to reach out to young people where they are. This includes: Training centres, Schools, Orphanages, Rehabilitation Centres, Streets and other related places. Our aim is to target youths with varied needs ranging from financial support, clothing, feeding, shelter etc.

Our reach is wide because we realize that people are in different stages in life and we aim to reach them at whatever stage they are. Some needs are related to education, career, dispute, and so on. We offer help in all these areas an more through the support of our volunteers and financial sponsors.

[thim-heading title=”Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR)” line=””]

At ReGen, we do not just aim to offer one off supports to young people but we follow through till set goals are achieved. Our support programmes are built on a sustainable basis.

We have set goals for each youth with measurable timeline to accomplish them. Some of our goals include:

  1. To support some children financially through school.
  2. To provide educational materials for disadvantaged children.
  3. To provide food items and clothing.
  4. To provide counselling and emotional support to distressed youths.
  5. To mentor and supervise the personal growth of identified youths.

And so many more.

ReGen Adopt A Child Initiative

This is our CSR initiative that encourages our volunteers and sponsors to select some of our selected disadvantaged young people and help them through life. This is a planned initiative that seeks to create awareness of the need to help others by supporting some of the identified areas of need.